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Name:A Kris Allen/Adam Lambert community
Website:kradam_ai on livejournal
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:Kris Allen and Adam Lambert

      -Posts should be about both Adam Lambert AND Kris Allen. Both boys have their own communities where individual things can be posted. Unless a news item about one boy directly relates to the other (a Kris interview where he talks about Adam for a good amount of time, for example), posts must directly involve both Kris and Adam. Fic can contain other pairings, so long as Kradam is the main focus. Please consider warning for a non-kradam ending in a story.
      -No bashing Kris, Adam, other Idols, or other members of the community. Let's all be open-minded and play nice. If you have an issue with someone or something that's been posted and you can't hug it out? Contact the mods. Bashing isn't tolerated. Anything deemed as bashing will be deleted by a mod. Keep the drama out of the community.
      -Fic should contain a header with title, author, pairing, rating, summary, and any warnings.
      -No funny formatting. No colourful text, no giant font, no banners that are bigger than 430px. This is important!
      -Tag your posts. If you do not see a tag appropriate for your post, contact a mod here and they'll make one for you.
      -LJ-cuts are your friend. If you are posting a fic or multiple pictures, put it behind a cut. Learn how to do so here. For Work In Progress fics that have five or more previous chapters, the links to these chapters must go behind an LJ cut.
      -Do not plagiarize other peoples' work in any form. If you are found to be doing so, this will result in being banned from this community and your posts will be deleted.
      -Advertisements for other communities or websites must be approved by a mod, otherwise they will be deleted. Ask here for permission to promote your community.
      -To affiliate, go here.
This community and its members are in no way associated with Adam, Kris, American Idol, or any of the other contestants. We are making no assumptions or accusations regarding either of the competitors; we fully understand that everything in this community is fictional, and isn't intended to harm anyone. This is all in innocent fun.
A full affiliates list is on the profile of the LJ community.

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Please direct all questions and concerns about the community to the Page-A-Mod post in the [profile] kradam_ai_mods community. Please do not contact the moderators on their personal journals.
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